Soft Skills

The ability that helps people to do something, is called skill. The skill that helps people to get a job is called hard skill whereas the skill that helps people to learn good etiquettes, effective communication, time management, people management is called soft skill. So both the qualities are mutually related to each other and neither of these can be considered lesser to make one’s career successful. The difference is that hard skill like technical knowledge can be learned if someone is interested but soft skill is so subtle that it needs careful attention.
Following diagram depicts the connection between human and his/her expression through required skill or any art. One of the skills is Interpersonal skill that helps students to face any interview with confidence and following are some qualities that come under Interpersonal Skill.

Emotional Intelligence

Student’s emotions must be tied with a particular goal under the guidance of parents and teachers. Friends can play a supportive role as well. Due to the lack of Emotional Intelligence, students may feel disconnected and then distracted from the main goal.
E.I. also helps in growing empathy towards others and it leads to successful people management skill. Putting oneself in other’s shoes in various situations keep us humble and it broadens our perspective as well

Team work / Collaboration

Team work plays a pivotal role in company’s achievements. As each person has unique skill set, personality traits, emotional quotient and result – orientation for a particular project, so the combination of all kinds of traits concludes a successful result. YOU Strong Interpersonal Skill Effective Talk / Expression Collaboration helps in personal growth, future opportunities, taking smart risks and solving problems.

Conflict Management

where there is a team, there is a conflict and Confronting a fellow student or employee is never easy. But with right strategy, conflict not only resolves but also comes with higher degree of trust with the person. The most crucial thing is not to ever ignore the conflict if there is any. Ignoring it gives a red flag of weak relationship. However, clarifying the issue, talking with the involved parties and seeking for a solution honestly may resolve any conflict.

Domain Expertise

Domain expertise means students must hone herself or himself in a particular art or skill. This is the first thing that gives right to be a part of work culture. The employee with good expertise is extremely fond of managers and s/he also opens further opportunities by the dint of knowledge that s/he acquired. Domain expertise can be sharpened by doing a lot of researches in the desired industry or product, creating resources for updating oneself and mentors for the right guidance. From generalization in a domain to expertise in the same domain requires utmost perseverance in the right direction.

Communication Skill

It’s an umbrella term that covers many skills like trust building, time management, self – presentation skill, moderating the pitch, tone, choices of words, gestures, postures, facial expressions, proper way of conveying the idea or thoughts, active listening, confidence building and many more. However, it does not matter which industry you are interested in, the need of communication skill is paramount. Good communication skill creates better relationships, increases self – awareness, clarifies the doubts, improves empathy, and helps in team management.